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The leading event booking and event management system for Scouts and Girlguiding

Our event booking and management system can be used for every size of event, from Group Camps to County Events and International Adventures. For a simple per-person fee our platform takes away the hassle, and makes organising your event much simpler.

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Simple and scalable per-person fee structure with no set-up fees
Young people, leaders and event volunteers can book online
Collect payments via card or through bank transfer
A full suite of reporting tools including medical and financial
Wristband everyone on site, with QR or RFID scanning for ease

Turning paper digital

Founded in 2016 by volunteers, Scouts EMS has grown to be one of the most used event management platforms for small and large scale Scouting and Girlguiding events in the UK.

In 2022, Scouts EMS was acquired by the team behind Scout Websites, who have re-written the platform to be more secure, scalable, and packed with plenty more features.

Making your event planning easier

Our platform handles everything, from the initial registration of young people, leaders and event volunteers, through to collecting personal information and payments, to reporting on those attending, and handling on-site check in and out via wristbands.

You can link to Scouts EMS from your website, social media pages or email system, or they can come straight to us to log in. It's been built bespoke for Scouting and Girlguiding, with security and ease-of-use in mind.

Got something a little different?

Our team are the experts in solving problems for The Scouts. If you're not sure what you need, but know what you need to achieve, let us help you. We can let you know how others solved the same problems, or build something bespoke for you.

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A completely bespoke platform

Our platform was created to solve several key issues when organising a small or large event. We've simplified collecting information on who is attending, from personal and medical information, to ages, photographs and more. We also allow event organisers to run any kind of report they need to on the data collected.

If our platform doesn't do what you want it to do, all you need to do is tell us. We'll likely have been asked before and have already developed a solution, but if not, our team of developers are ready to make those changes you need us to make.

On-site wristbands and scanning

One of the key benefits of using Scouts EMS is the ability to wristband everyone attending your event. You have three options: plastic, fabric or cards. Simply choose which would suit your event better based on the number attending and how long the event is held for, and we'll do the rest.

Wristbands come with either QR codes printed, or RFID (radio frequency identification). Either can be scanned by the scanners we'll send you on-site, for easy check-in and check-out, and the platform can even handle checking everyone when they head to catering.

The most popular platform in Scouting and Girlguiding