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1st Fressingfield Scout Group

A comprehensive website for a Group that’s over 100 years old, with over 100 members and is home to all five Scouting Sections.

1st Fressingfield Scouts, a Group that’s over 100 years old, got back in touch with us to revamp their existing online presence. With an upgraded website in the Skills for Life branding having previously worked with us on their original website, their website is streamlined and easy to navigate.

The North Suffolk-based Group has over 100 members across all sections, from Beavers to Explorers, and a Network contingent along with twenty volunteers. All sections are extremely active, with the older members participating in frequent weekend camps, as well as a Group-wide annual camp. Members of all ages have access to a number of local facilities with connections to their local schools. A new and improved website to showcase all of this was a welcomed evolution to keep the Group up-to-date online and offline.

The new website is a sleek advancement on the old one, with a number of new features to help the Group boost recruitment, improve communication and showcase their activities and Scouting as a whole such as:

  • Bespoke forms – All of our websites come with Join and Contact forms already built in. However, they are easily customisable to fit the needs of 1st Fressingfield, along with their website team having the ability to create their own.
  • Dedicated news, gallery and events spaces – As a Group that covers every Scouting Section, areas to document the latest news, galleries, and upcoming events are essential. Any prospective members will get an insight into goings on at the Group whilst past and present members can look back on great memories.
  • Site-wide search – A feature we’ve carried over to our new websites but with lots of improvement, the site-wide search feature is perfect for a Group like 1st Fressingfield. This functionality allows users to instantly find what they’re looking for with a simple search term.

“Great customer service who respond quickly to requests and additions long after the website was built, for no additional charges.

We have just opted for the re-branding and the process has been easy (our end) and they have accommodated for all changes we made previously.

Would highly recommend to other scout sections.”

Ciarán Carr, 1st Fressingfield Scout Group

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